The BOOKS Covid–19 e-mail day #18 (?)

binny debbie 4 ever

gm Pals,

Thanks 2 Sean for flagging this great interview w/ Nader from Haram on their tour of southeast asia, singing in arabic to majority muslim audiences for the first time, being a punk etc. I knew about him being interviewed by the FBI & stuff but hadn’t seen this short doc made by the same guy as the podcast about the situation which is a good place to start. Respect 2 Nader.

Yesterday I listened to this very short interview w/ Jen Calleja on her new book so was psyched to spend the time today reading a story from it on the London Magazine & am now very very psyched to read the whole thing once/if the world returns to normal. Respect 2 Jen.

I also, with thanks to Huw for the link, listened to this by John Berger & his daughter Katya on singing and laughter which as you can imagine is a joy to listen to. V sunday afternoon radio vibe but every day is sunday now so who cares. Respect 2 John, rest safe.

The stupidest thing I’ve ever read but fully made me shake w/ laughter is this fucking text conversation between Tim Heidecker, Gregg Turkington and Mark Proksch. Respect to all 3 always.

That’ll do. See u tomorrow.

P x