The BOOKS Daily Email # 32

incapable of logging off

Hello friends,

First of all I recommend this mornings episode of the Burner on covid conspiracy theories which is of course extremely up my street.

Also thoroughly enjoyed this vid of living legend Mark Pawson on the Printed Matter youtube channel just holding up & talking about a tiny part of his 80’s mail art collection. Also Extremely my shit, would appreciate one a day of these from Mark tbh I imagine he has enough to keep us going for a good 5 years.

This piece on Vittles on Deliveroo & UberEats / platform capitalism & gig economy working conditions in general is v v good & beyond just “its shit”. Vittles pumping out gold atm so def dip into the back catalogue.

Also a couple things on the Berlin Arsenal site - they’ve been uploading loads of stuff from their distribution catalogue each week and have made the login free. I keep missing stuff cos they change the programme and I’m always too slow but if you can catch before they go theres a nice short interview with the big dog Harun Farocki, of interest possibly if anyone watched Jamila, The Algerian which I linked either two days or two weeks ago (god knows) is Have you ever killed a bear? or Becoming Jamila which is based on an actress playing the role of Jamila. I also really enjoyed this film Jokinen about a Finnish communist in Harlem following him being put on an internal trial for white chauvinism, expelled from the party, becoming an civil rights activist & eventually being deported & the artist trying to find what happened to him. Its told entirely through archival material aswell which is v nice like visual research & essentially the Mark Pawson vid but w/ different content. I’ve not linked to any of the films here cos you need to log in first.

Anyway thats it hope you’re all ok I’m still getting headaches everyday so taking volunteers to shoot me in the head, please email the regular address.


P x