The BOOKS E-mail #55 baby

horny rat brigade


I’m quite tired tbh so short & sweet for u this morning:

I watched the amazing Trial on the Road by Alexei German. It’s about Lazarev, a former Red Army soldier who after swapping sides to work with the Nazi’s is captured as a traitor but begins to work with the Soviets. It’s whole gambit is problematising the binary nature of heroes & villains in war & as a result was censored in the USSR for 15 years. It’s a fucking banger tbh & thanks to Evan Calder Williams for putting the link on twitter (the vid is supposed to be removed at somepoint so jump on it asap).

The rest are texts; thanks to Clara for the links to this piece on mutual aid & what we might build from the rubble by Jia Tolentino in the New Yorker, & this nice primer on Foucault & power.

Thanks to Huw for sharing this mad piece on Doordash & the absolute farce of food delivery but also all startup culture.

Also as always the new Life Harvester newsletter which has a life update, a joke, some advice & a record review & I love love love love it.

Bye for now - feel free 2 send me what yr consuming :)

P x