the BOOKS e-mail #59

petit merde


Some solid gold bangers for you today;

  1. the Glorious & Divine Audre Lorde - The Berlin Years is up on vimeo 4 free (supposedly for 24 hours but I swear I’ve seen people linking it for 3 days now). Password is: enterMay2020_1. It’s great.

  2. This NTS mix w Moesha13 is a wild ride and chock full of absolute gold.

  3. This piece on the massive increase in data & machine learning as a result of Covid and the vast environmental impact is as u can imagine v cheery reading. Nationalise the internet!

  4. This new Keston Sutherland piece on the Hythe is just billy bonkers top of the range. The man is a machine ffs.

  5. Thanks 2 River for linking this piece on Jean Genet’s May Day speech & general support for the Black Panthers. Gold.

That’s it - more coming as always - enjoy yr 3 days dw I’ll be sending you plenty of shit to be getting along with.


P x