the BOOKS e-mail no. 71

ACAB in Finnish is KPOP


I’ve lots of long bits on the go atm so here’s some shorts to tide you over until then. This Tribune piece on when Channel 4 was good. This article about anime director Naoko Yamada & in particular her film A Silent Voice, the love confession trope & sound. Thanks 2 Marina for the link. Thanks to Katie for sending this great audio walking tour around Dalston as part of A Hackney Autobiography, the oral history project around Centreprise which is fantastic & v up my street & up some of yours too I’m sure. This short piece by Robert Sellers, a psychologist at the University of Michigan is a v personal reflection on race in america rn. This v good piece by Sophie Lewis on how covid is exposing the fragility of the concept of the family & how we use this moment to destroy it once & for all.

That’s all for now but thank u everyone and see u same time tomorrow.

w/ love,