the BOOKS recommendation e-mail #23

i put 7pm instead of 7am by accident sorry

Hello to you my friends,

I listened to this radio broadcast Ghetto Life 101 recommended by Nico on the ICA daily email and my god. Two 13 & 14 year olds recording their lives & interviewing their parents, teachers, etc in the Chicago housing projects in 93. Bleak and sweet and heartbreaking, one of the best things I’ve heard ever.

Similarly, Huw linked the close tinyletter on twitter as they’ve been running a callout for 15-19 year olds to write about their experience of the coronavirus situ and being quarantined and it’s amazing. The first two are up now and I think they have more coming.

I read this horrific longread on BJP-backed anti-muslim vigilante groups in India organising w/ facebook and whatsapp on wired. It’s a fucking grim concise outline of the situation & how Modi used these networks & existing hindutva nationalist / fascist groups to end up with the citizen register & planned deportation or containment of muslims, & how even now they’re trying to weaponise covid as a muslim plot.

Andrew sent me this amazing rough-cut doc of US postal workers in Chicago by JoAnn Elam who worked as a postie herself. Can’t get enough of people just talking about their normal lives at the moment wonder why that is?

& last but not least I watched this vid of The Stalin playing to a seated audience on a japanese tv show in 1982 lol, thanks to Joseph Oremus for putting it on insta.

& that’s it for today. See u tomorrow

P x