The BOOKS Recs Corona_e-mail no. 26

Solpadeine solidarity

My friends and comrades,

2 recs only today as I’ve been spending too much time watching Terrace House, sleeping & trying to mitigate the effects of a 24 hour stress headache (any tips greatly received). Also in my defense these will sort you out for at least 18 hours.

First I’ve been dipping in to bits of the full 17-hour long radio extravaganza Free Cash, standing in the kitchen & listening to readings & music but mostly the conviviality - a group of friends going to Berlin for the weekend to record an audio epic. Hearing Ruth or Adam mention who’s coming up next & hearing someone in the background call out “She’s on her way!!”, PLUS the extremely high quality content has been and continues to be (got a good 14-odd hours left to work through) a much needed injection of comfort and energy at this moment in time, in the kitchen.

Second the new New Left Review is out. It’s a pandemic special & most of its online so i’m sure theres alot there to sink yr covid obsessed teeth into. I read this v v good long piece by Owen Hatherley on London as political outlier, the LCC & GLC, housing & finally a position of where ‘we’ might direct some of the energy subsumed by the Labour Party over the last 5 years. That’ll keep you going for an extra hour I think.

Until tomorrow,

P x