the BOOKS Weekly COVID recs #7

despite our best efforts

Salut comrades,

Nine treats only for u this week as I’ve listened and read a lot of shite and also deleted the twitter app so probs missing out on some gold.

Let’s get the self-promotion over with and link to my Radical Publishing walk for South London Gallery if by the grace of god you’ve not already seen it. U might remember me mentioning this when I was putting it together but it’s LIVE in all it’s glory, a nice walk from Camberwell Green to Peckham Rye (park 2 park) taking in TEN locations where ‘radical’ ‘publishing’ has occured in some form, from Stalinists, anarchofeminists, the CPGB, black power, queer angels, GLC funded angels, Actual angels and also me (the shop). The page there has a v brief summary of the locations and misses out one of them entirely but if you click through to the google map it has the full captions. They also didn’t include my references (even tho i asked) so see my post on instagram for that or I can send you (too long to include here). Anyway thanks for Ben for asking me to do it actual dream job, Sadie for organising the whole thing and of course pure legend Laura Fitton for illustrating the whole fuckin thing!!!!!

OK on to the real recs. I v much enjoyed this Ayo Akingbade short on Le Cinema Club this week on the Newham Monitoring Project and the murder of Eustace Pryce & subsequent criminalisation of his brother.

Still on a John Samson tip thanks to Oli from last week, watched Britannia, his film about trains which (of course) has some great characters and this amazing image:

also watched The Skin Horse, his longer film on disability, the body and sex which is just an amazing piece of TV, v v recommended.

I read this old LRB piece by Sherry Turkle on tamagotchi’s / the humanity of robots, and this guardian piece on UK involvement in the 1953 coup in Iran.

I re-read Holly Casio’s great zine This is fake diy cos I can’t find my copy and it’s all online for free. The best text on zines for the last 100 years.

V enjoyed the latest MRR radio which is a history of Chilean punk (!!!) and also this great Jes Solnik piece on bandcamp about the great No Trend.

& that’s it!! Pivoting to my plan to give worse and worse links until everyone unsubscribes and I can go back to lying down on my days off. Fingers crossed.

P x