The BOOKS weekly no. 3 / #82

many happy returns

Hello friends,

My 2 a week transition to saturday morning newsletters didn’t manifest but maybe this week, we’ll see. Just incase it doesn’t - here u are. Gold all the way down this week.

Nothing to watch.

I recommend listening to this deep 2 hour long convo w/ Kodwo Eshun, Amal Alhaag and Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung on music & blackness & all kinds of stuff. Thanks 2 Marina for the tip, there’s a lot of other stuff that looks good on the sonsbeek site but I’ve not looked yet.

i ALSO recommend the new Irreal EP which completely shreds.

The rest is to read; I v enjoyed this coronavirus diary from the goat Patricia Lockwood in the LRB, also the great Andrea Long Chu skewering the truly insane Rodham Hillary Clinton fanfic which Does inexplicably Exist, I saw it with my own eyes in charing x foyles yesterday (went in to use the loo before u kick off).

You can spend a fun few mins on the ConFurence archive which documents 30 years of furry fandom through letters, fanzines & conference programmes & ephemera.

This FT piece on the now-missing CEO of the extremely fraudulent Wirecard & what he was doing w/ his money in Libya is another mind-melter for u - tho the whole wirecard thing keeps ramping up the insanity so stay tuned.

I loved this Callie Gardner newsletter on reading & barthes & samuel delany & lots more. Also this incredible piece by Caroline Randall Williams in the NYT, My Body is a Confederate Monument. Thanks also to Cherry for linking to the full, incomparable Revolutionary Letters by Diane di Prima cos there is no one better.

That’s it for now - thank u for sticking with me & see u all soon,

P x