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Hello friends,

I’m listening right this second to this new Mountain Goats tape. Johnny boy recorded a song a day for 10 days on his boombox ffs just like the old days. It’s too good I can’t hack it. Please read the text on the bandcamp too John is too pure for this planet & I’m very thankful to have him.

Another disgusting feat of productivity amidst adversity is the first (biweekly!) issue of Horrid Covid, a zine (I wrote and deleted ‘e-zine’ there cos it’s not the 90’s anymore and maybe in lockdown 2020 it’s finally time to shed the hyper-materialist definition of ‘zine’? Also I didn’t get AHRC funding so no PhD on photocopiers for me) collecting matter in all it’s forms from ppl at home. It’s super well designed and really nice to see what people are upto in lowkey ways, like audio recordings of conversations, videos & animations, little short stories, how-to’s etc. V recommend and very psyched to see how it progresses. Also I think you can still contribute so get involved if u like.

I also read this Guardian long-read on the rise & collapse of Golden Dawn which is really good, and this episode of Suite (212) on the UCU strikes which already seems like forever ago but it becomes clearer and clearer everyday how necessary they are.

Also shout out Sean AGAIN for putting this on their insta stories - Degollada from Buenos Aires absolutely killer demo on Corona records (!). Extremely good.

See ya tomorrow !!

P x