The Official BOOKS Monday Covid–19 Recommendations e-mail

Mostly audio tbh


First of all let’s take a moment to salute the legend DJ EZ - my god - if you didn’t catch any of it live you can run the whole 24 hour stream back on boiler room, maybe just set it going for the next week on loop tbh.

Best thing I read by a stretch was the white pube’s latest piece - quarantine part 1, timely in that I read it just after finally finishing this piece in Chuang journal, the 2 serving as a kind of micro/macro to whatever we’re calling this current situation. Gabrielle lays out a straightforward, devastating & personal insight into her current situation & the inertia of waiting for the seemingly inevitable to happen, whereas the Chuang piece is a long, broad-scope article which deals a lot with the specifics in China in terms of the way the state & healthcare provisions are set up, along with the relationship between production & capital and the development of epidemics, && most interestingly, the way the covid outbreak has shown the reality of the states capability when faced with a national crisis - of interest to anyone hoping to organise against said state apparatus.

Other than that lots of good radio on the go. Thank you again to Herb for linking me with this mix by Nour Ouayda. I also listened to this on sleep, dreams and work from Sam Dolbear & Hannah Proctor which is dense with info & highly recommended. Also this from true legend Patrick Staff cos it was linked on the ICA daily email. Also dipped in a bit yesterday & v excited for the rest of the No Bounds Radio schedule which is serving some v diverse and high quality content.

An ABSOLUTE treat over the next 25 days for all of you - if you haven’t yet read the best book of last year / the 21st century; Red Tory: My Corbyn Chemsex Hell, Huw is uploading himself reading a chapter a day here. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Also v excited this week to check out Another Subculture TV - broadcasting every evening from 10 - midnight. Gonna be chock full of bangers. See u in the chat.

P x