'fiscal' decapitation

Hi Hi,

A couple brief words on the ‘art world’ - I thoroughly endorse the sentiment of this piece in Arts of the Working Class which is full of choice quotes & the polar opposite of that Zabs/HUO Guardian piece. Thanks to Clara as ever for the link. Wish we could go back to the glory days of arts education. The new All Gas No Brakes is ART.

Thanks to Ralph for the rec of Frank Skinner’s new poetry podcast. I have a lot of conflicting feelings here because part of me truly detests Frank Skinner but I have sat through a lot of his content because of various shared interests (like he loves George Formby too), which is the same vibe here. He reads 2 poems - Stevie Smith & William Carlos Williams and does a nice accessible, not too serious but actually sort of serious analysis. Though you really have to listen to Not Waving But Drowning as Stevie herself reads it cos that voice will remain in yr head forever.

I finally got round to reading this great interview with Ishmael Reed, one of the best to ever do it, which is full of great goss and zero bullshit. Thanks to Sean for linking to this new Quelle Chris & Chris Keys record which is 100% The Vibe.

See u tomorrow pals be safe.

P x