The Worlds Only BOOKS Covid–19 Recommendation Email Ed. No. #15



3 texts and 2 audio bangers for you.

1st this interview on Jacobin w/ A.M Gittlitz on your favourite Trotskyist UFOlogist J. Posadas is a great intro to the man & the movement, and makes me even more psyched for Gittlitz’s biography which is imminent.

2nd this absolutely glorious short story by the inimitable Toni Cade Bambara is joy from start to finish.

3rd this editorial from Invert journal, a newly launched project for a gender-abolitionist queer marxism. It’s a good straightforward outline of their position & talks about the development of the naming of ‘deviant’ sexualities or gender identity & it’s categorisation (hence using the more ambiguous, reflective ‘Invert’). Will be getting some copies for the shop at some point (if and when etc etc), but they’re posting articles online so interested to see whats to come.

Sending this out at 6am rather than 7 so you can bang on this nuts Katie Vick NTS show for yr early morning workout. Thanks 2 Clara for the link.

Opposite end of the spectrum but v much enjoyed this ep of Infant Tree w/Malverne Brume on Noods - mellow & beautiful background music mixed with field recordings etc. Always solid gold.

Until tomorrow,