Snip snip

Hello pals,

3 only today - I’ve got some Actual Work to do atm but my promise to you is that I will speed through it and get back to lounging around Consuming Content asap.

Thanks 2 Sam for sending me the link to The Rocky Road to Dublin, a really great documentary on Ireland & ‘what do you do with your revolution when you’ve got it?’ - i.e how the promise of the easter rising was a promise only. It was shot by the cinematographer who did Godards Weekend lol and has got all yr big lads John McGahern, Conor Cruise O’Brien, Seán Ó Faoláin, even a hip priest. (& One woman).

Thanks 2 Vania for linking me to this audio collage show on (with) John Berger which is v good. That voice and the story about drawing his father, and little folk tales. Solid Gold.

Thanks 2 Natasha for sending me this piece by Alice Hattrick in the White Review on elusive illness & her relationship sharing M.E with her mother which I thought was extremely good & I look forward to the book if books still exist next year.

That’s all for now more soon. I love you all truly.

P x