rosa wears a jacket

Hello friends,

Some audio; I listened to both parts of this NTS show reading extracts from The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions amidst musical interludes which is v good.

Also thoroughly enjoyed Vania Gonzalvez’s latin american mix on mother tongues.

Thanks to JB for sending this Quietus piece using Taylor McWilliams/Housekeeping & the ongoing gentrification of Brixton village to expand on the rich & gross subsuming culture built by marginalised groups which is bleak but so good to have laid out in this way. Why can’t we kill them?

Some south london history for you - this wild piece on the heir to a Walworth pickle factory who converted to islam & (almost) became a king in Xinjiang, and I reread in it’s entirety the great pamphlet on the radical history of Camberwell by Past Tense which is online in full here, touching on squatting, mental health struggle, strikes & anti-fascist organising.

Also thanks to Ethan for sharing this nuts sudoku video which brought me an inordinate amount of joy - been in lockdown way too long at this point.

That’s it - more on the way - see u tomorrow.

P x