Today's BOOKS Covid Recs Email #17

"Let the State Disintegrate" - Drake's wall, 2020

Hello comrades,

Spent way too long on this dogshit day obsessing over Drake’s house so would be amiss not to mention that fact straight off the bat.

Otherwise I’m not sure why but I watched this documentary on San Francisco in 1967 even though I hate hippies and even the inclusion of The Diggers and Richard Brautigan wasn’t enough for me to give the benefit of the doubt (would love to deck Brautigan tbh). Maybe of interest. Also watched this v good Boiler Room documentary on the techno & hiphop scene in Palestine which is worth 30 mins.

I read this ACLU white paper which is a great straightforward outline of the ways in which different countries have utilised location tracking & contact tracing technology as part of their Covid strategies, and the limits of each of these variants. Shout to all the academics researching surveillance technology who have been collectively losing their minds for the past 2 months.

A small ray of joy is the latest Hard Skin record which is exactly like all the other Hard Skin records and is completely great. Shed a tear for all the backroom pub singalongs going unsung. We Don’t Want It hits a little different rn.

That’s it - got some real treats coming for you so stay alive.

P x