I'm gonna compile stuff thats keeping me level (ish)


As BOOKS fans, you will know I am currently 100% unemployed. I’ve dreamed of this moment for so long, but never expected it to be in these circumstances. I am legally obliged to mention to you the one form of income I’ve got on the go rn, the official BOOKS “Snot yr landlord” t-shirt - if you’ve got a spare £22 and fancy it plz let your friends and landlords know.

Otherwise though I’ve been losing my mind, unable to read, & spending every waking hour online. Like u all I’m sure, I’ve been getting round to reading shit I’ve been meaning to, watching links ppl sent me 6 years ago, and trying to not read the news. I need to Remain Occupied. That’s why I’m nicking the ICA daily email idea and putting together some things i’ve been reading, watching, listening to etc if it’s of any interest to anyone. It might be daily, it might be abit more sporadic (I have actually got other stuff to do at some point), but who knows. Let’s see. I also have been living off other peoples recommendations so please share with me what you’ve been doing to.

I’m not gonna fuckin’ write an essay about each thing just link and maybe some info. I’ll try and keep it mainly light stuff, with minimal Corona Content. Lets stick together comrades I love you all.

p.s - all these are gonna be free of course, but if you do fancy throwing some money at me (IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT PLEASE DON’T IF YOU CAN’T) then feel free to pay for the paid sub. Just know you won’t be getting anything extra lol.