Your BOOKS Covid Recs #12

1 record 1 MTV 1 global revolt 1 text & 2 poetry books

photo by Mira Mattar

Slightly thin on the ground this morning with my apologies. Please don’t think I’ve been slacking I’ve just consumed a lot of unfortunately tedious content that’s not worth sharing.

What IS worth sharing though is the new Es record which is, as expected, gold from start to finish.

What ISN’T tedious in any way is the output of Commune editions who are currently offering pdfs of all their titles for free because they are good communists. I can vouch with a full heart for Our Death by Sean Bonney and Cruel Fiction by Wendy Trevino but honestly pick any one of these and it will probably change your life.

I also enjoyed this article by Anna Reser for Real Life on the virus & the body & connectedness, what this ‘crisis’ is making visible, everyone doing yoga in their bedrooms and veering out into the street as they pass others on the pavement.

Worth keeping an eye on Fever, a new initiative to track the global uprisings, strikes & resistance during the pandemic & hopefully link some of these struggles to long-term projects.

I also v much recommend this playlist from the Another Subculture TV schedule in the week which is a good 2 hours of bangers for yr sunday activities.

See you tomorrow comrades

P x