Your WEDS BOOKS Covid E-mail no. 63

Careless Whispers

Good Morning Pals,

I would say start yr morning (a little late) with this bonkers & occasionally deranged but v fun mix from Romeo Taylor.

I’ve been doing some Work (unfortunately) so have been dipping into this great archive of Undercurrents, the magazine ‘for radical science and alternative/peoples/community technology’ that ran from 1972 - 1984. Can def get lost for an hour or so digging through the articles on demonstrations, squatting, co-ops, ecology & tech. It also looked great. To browse the issuu page is here, or here is a searchable list of contents.

I started listening to this new Radio 4 series on the Post Office subpostmasters scandal which is already quite wild. I’d seen a couple mentions of it in Private Eye but had no idea of the full story that the post office essentially defrauded, prosecuted and jailed hundreds of people running post offices due to a tech fuck up and tried to cover up the whole thing - it’s insane. There’s 2 episodes of the 10 up but def worth keeping up with.

Last but not least I’ve been slowly slowly reading this book The Burglary about a group of 8 legends calling themselves The Citizens Committee to Investigate the FBI who broke into an FBI office and stole all the documents, sending out information to the papers & senators on the surveillance, infiltration & disruption of leftist movements in the US - basically exposing COINTELPRO. I watched this doc which basically tells the story & interviews the group (who were never caught). This episode of Bad Gays on J. Edgar Hoover is also really good for some general background on what he was upto.

That’s it for now hope you’re ok and if so please stay that way.


P x