Yr BOOKS weekly #79


pic via Ed Luker.

Hi pals,

Hope everyones ok. Here’s the first of the new weekly newsletters so let’s see if it kills the vibe dead.

Lots to share in no real order. V enjoyed this new Jillian Tamaki comic about a lost cat & death.

This New York Times piece on (surprise) the disaster of the Serco-run contact tracing system is very cool and not distressing at all.

This interview w/ a photojournalist who got shot in the eye by police in Minneapolis (and will be paying off the hospital bill for 25 years) is wild.

This Sherelle mix is a wild ride maybe save for monday morning 2 really get u going.

The latest Repetitive Strain is amazing - all black punk & experimental music interspersed w/ speeches - an hour and a half of solid gold.

Also solid gold of course is the greatest record of the 21st century so far.

This short piece on History Workshop on the bullshit claim that Britain was the first to abolish the slave trade and changing history through the ‘proper channels’ is v good & also this interview between Brontez Purnell aka The Younger Lovers & Alli Logout of Special Interest on their music vid collab & more is really great and the video rules.

Thanks to Ben for linking to this great Fatamorgana set on Spanish TV (!) and thanks to Tom for sending over this mindmelting 3 part doc on the CIA which I finally finished today. A LOT to take in but worth it for the interviews with ex-agents, mercenaries and union leaders (lol).

Really enjoyed I Am Somebody, this 30 min doc on Le Cinema Club atm on the hospital workers strike in Charleston, South Carolina in 1969 which is really great. There’s also an essay about it on Another Gaze here which *disclaimer* I haven’t read but is probably good. Also enjoying some of the digitised stories on the Black Cultural Archives google page. The black panther, Olive Morris and Black Women’s Movement ones are all v good. Relatedly the incredible Heart of the Race is a free ebook on verso rn so don’t sleep.

Anyw that’s it for now - see u next week for 50 more.

Stay cool,

P x