'Can't have class consciousness if you're dead'

I’m sorry I consumed zero content on Sunday and fell asleep. I am but one man. I bow deeply and ask your forgiveness. I flagellate myself gratuitously.

Two sub-ten min reads Relevant to the Current Climate:
<3 Bryony’s latest column for MRR. Punk forever cops never.
<3 A moral tale of striking UVW workers walking off the job for lack of PPE. Join a union.

Two bits of/about demented stories:
This on Tolstoy’s bleak childrens stories.
This wild Kobo Abe short story as linked on the ICA email.

Two follow-up recs for long-time fans of the BOOKS Covid-recommendations e-mail newsletter:
Anyone who watched Patlabor 2 as recommended on day five (oh 2 be young again), you might enjoy this paper on embodiment, alienation, animation & the mecha. Thanks to Jools on twitter for sharing a screenshot.
Anyone who watched Hotel Terminus as recommended on day 40 might be interested in this 3 part BBC doc (part one, part two, part three) on Gladio which is wild. It’s all insane & needs to be watched in order rly but part 3 in particular on the Brabant killings & the ‘Red Brigades’ assassination of Aldo Moro is ….

See u tomorrow pals, hope everyones ok.

P x